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Why I voted no on Avimor

I understand that my recent vote against the annexation of Avimor may have raised some questions and concerns about my stance on economic development. I want to take a moment to clarify my position and explain why I made that decision.

First and foremost, I am a strong advocate for economic development in Eagle. I believe that a robust commercial tax base is essential for the prosperity and sustainability of our city. Economic growth brings job opportunities, increased revenue for essential services, and enhances our overall quality of life.

However, my vote AGAINST the annexation of Avimor was not a vote against economic development; it was a vote for responsible growth. I made this decision because I believe in listening to our citizens and respecting the recommendations of our planning and zoning experts.

Here's why I voted no on the annexation:

COMMUNITY INPUT: I value the input of our residents, and I heard their concerns about the Avimor annexation. It's crucial that we consider the views and wishes of our citizens when making decisions about our city's future.

Planning and Zoning Recommendations: Our planning and zoning experts play a vital role in evaluating the impact of developments on our city. Their recommendation against the annexation was a significant factor in my decision.

PUBLIC SAFETY: As your future Mayor, I prioritize public safety. We currently face challenges in providing adequate police support for our growing community. It's essential that we address this issue BEFORE proceeding with large-scale developments.

In essence, I believe there needs to be a balance between economic development and responsible growth. While we should encourage economic growth, we must do so in a way that aligns with our community's vision and ensures that our infrastructure and services can accommodate the increased demand.

To achieve this balance, I am committed to:

-Emphasizing the importance of a robust commercial tax base. -Establishing a dedicated economic development team focused on attracting and retaining businesses. -Ensuring that businesses contribute significantly to city revenues. -Prioritizing responsible growth that takes into account the needs and concerns of our residents.

I want Eagle to thrive economically while preserving the unique character and safety of our community. I hope this clarification helps you understand my position better, and I am always here to listen to your thoughts and concerns. #CommunityCommitment #BrighterFuture #EagleForSafety #communityfirst #pikeforeaglemayor

No Avimor Annexation for Brad Pike
Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor voted no on Avimor

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