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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Why I'm Running

Our community's safety is non-negotiable. That's why I, Brad Pike, am running for Eagle Mayor with an unwavering commitment to making our city the safest and most secure place for our families, children, and neighbors.

The Backbone of Our Community: Public Safety Public safety isn't just a priority – it's the foundation of our city. Without effective law enforcement, we're risking the well-being of our children and our entire community. As our population grows, the potential for crime increases. Last year alone, crime surged by 16%. This year is set to surpass even those numbers, unless we take a decisive and proactive stance.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words During my tenure as the President of Eagle City Council, I've fought tirelessly to expand our police force. But we can do more. Currently, Eagle falls short at only 0.71 officers per 1000 residents, while the national average is 1 officer per 1000. With our population nearing 37,000, we must rise to meet this challenge.

The Plan: A Strong, Proactive Approach As your Mayor, I will lead the charge to bolster our police force, ensuring that we meet and exceed the national average for officers per capita. I will work to bring in the resources needed to combat crime effectively and give our law enforcement the tools they need to keep Eagle safe.

Building a Better Eagle Together But public safety is just the beginning. I'm committed to improving our city's infrastructure and essential services. We need a strong foundation to ensure that Eagle thrives and remains a safe, vibrant, and welcoming place for everyone.

Join Me in Making a Difference Let's work together to create a positive change in our community. Join the #SafetyFirstEagle campaign by sharing this message, connecting with your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, by casting your vote for Brad Pike as the next Mayor of Eagle.

Vote for Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor and Safety First! Let's secure Eagle's future, one step at a time. Your support means everything.

Together, let's build a safer, stronger Eagle for all.

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