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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Vetting candidates

Vetting candidates is a crucial step in selecting the best fit for Eagle Mayor, ensuring a leader who resonates with our community's values. Digging deeper into their positions on political issues provides insights into their alignment with our town's needs and aspirations. Understanding their leadership abilities is equally vital, as it guarantees that they possess the skills to drive positive change effectively.

Endorsements shed light on a candidate's credibility and backing within the community. Recognizable endorsements often indicate a track record of trustworthiness and collaboration. Furthermore, delving into campaign contributions is key to transparency. It reveals the sources of financial support, helping us ensure that our candidate's priorities are aligned with the town's well-being.

By asking these essential questions during the vetting process, we pave the way to selecting the right candidate, Vet and vote for me Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor. I have the qualities and vision that Eagle deserves in its next Mayor. Your vote matters – let's choose wisely! #EagleElections #VetTheBest

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