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Sheriff Clifford’s top 4 takeaways!

Brad Pike supports Public Safety
Sheriff Clifford’s top 4 takeaways!

The Truth About Our Police Department and Sheriff's Contract from the Sheriff himself!

I want to set the record straight regarding some recent claims made by the opposition about my stance on the 2024 budget and our Police Department. Sheriff Clifford recently shared some key insights that align perfectly with my campaign promises. Let's break it down:

We Need More Police Officers Sheriff Clifford and I are on the same page here. Eagle indeed requires more Police Officers to ensure our community's safety and well-being. This is a shared priority for us.

$506,000 Isn't an Increase in Service Contrary to what some may say, the $506,000 allocated in the budget doesn't increase services; it merely maintains the status quo. This budget covers essential expenses like inflation, raises, and cost-of-living adjustments for our dedicated officers. This DOES NOT INCREASE SERVICES!

Cost-Efficiency Matters Sheriff Clifford rightly points out that the city of Eagle can't provide the same level of service as the sheriff's department for a lower cost if we establish our own Police Department. We must ensure the safety and security of our residents without compromising quality.

The Sheriff's Department's Financial Reality It's important to note that the Sheriff's Department operates at a loss with our contract. This highlights the financial challenges we face in maintaining this arrangement.

I've always been a dedicated advocate for efficient and effective law enforcement in Eagle. My commitment to our community's safety is unwavering. Together, let's focus on what truly matters—safeguarding our beautiful city while making responsible financial decisions.

I appreciate your support and trust in my vision for Eagle. Let's work together to ensure a safe and prosperous future for all.

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