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Setting the Record Straight: Brad Pike's Proven Leadership

Recently, there was a misleading reel claiming that Brad Pike "failed terribly" as the mayor of California. We want to address this false information and provide you with a perspective from someone who has firsthand knowledge of Brad's dedication to public service.

A long-time resident of Hollister, California, had this to say about Brad Pike's time as mayor:

"I have known Brad Pike for 20+ years. In Hollister, I knew him as a Santa Clara County Fire Captain, public servant, city council member, mayor, and a lead advocate for local public safety issues."

One of the standout achievements mentioned in the letter is Brad's leadership in making Highway 25 safer, a major roadway used by residents and commuters. He initiated the "Stay Alive on 25" campaign, which gathered over 23,500 signatures and drew attention to the highway's dangers, ultimately leading to efforts to enhance its safety.

As a council member and later as mayor, Brad Pike prioritized public safety, business development, fiscal responsibility, and infrastructure development. His commitment to the well-being of his community was unwavering.

Now, as a resident of Eagle, ID, Brad continues his dedication to public service, serving in various elected positions. His leadership and conservative values make him uniquely qualified to address the challenges facing Eagle.

We encourage you to consider the positive impact Brad Pike has had on his previous community and the potential he has to do the same for Eagle. Join us in supporting Brad Pike for Eagle City Mayor.

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