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Pierce is a walking contradiction

Once again, we see Jason Pierce, our current mayor, using rhetoric that suggests he's deeply involved in making decisions for our community. He says, "We're making decisions for 33,000 people," and that "our job is to collectively look at what's best for the community." He even claims, "I'm always looking out and putting Eagle first."

However, let's take a closer look at his actions. Pierce turns right around and denies having a say or vote in those very decisions. He said that he didn't have a say in the Avimor decision, at least not from a voting perspective.

He also emphasizes that he only votes in the event of a tie, making it clear that he's not the one driving the decisions. Instead, he shifts responsibility onto the council members:

"The only time I vote on anything is in a tie." "My job as the mayor is to be the CEO of the company." "They're the ones that drive everything." "They give me the budget that I'm allowed to run their city within." "They're the ones that make the ordinances." "They're the ones that make the resolutions." "They're the ones that approve all the projects ... there's a lot of time and effort that goes into this."

The CEOs of companies are where the buck stops. They can't blame the "company" under them for making bad decisions or sending the company in the wrong direction. Yet, clearly, Pierce wants to get the credit for the good and deny involvement for the perceived bad.

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