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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Let's Break It Down

1 - Leadership Style: " Let's talk leadership styles. My opponent says I've been flip-flopping on decisions, but here's the truth: I'm all about collaborative problem-solving. Take the Senior Center, for instance. I want to reunite the split senior groups for a better community. No flip-flopping, just working together for Eagle's benefit. #EagleID #Leadership"

2 - Relationship Building: " Building relationships is crucial for Eagle's progress. My opponent's 'my way or the highway' approach has strained ties with groups like the Arts Commission, the Historical Commission, and more. We need inclusive leadership, not division. #EagleCommunity #RelationshipsMatter"

3 - Economic Development: Eagle's growth includes commercial development. But wait, my opponent disbands the Economic Development department. What about clear strategies? Remember the talk about downtown Eagle? We need a clear vision to make our city thrive. #EconomicDevelopment #EagleGrowth

4 - Public Safety: Public safety matters. While the budget increased by 24%, our city could benefit from more officers. It's about priorities. Remember the discussion about the Sheriff's recommendations? We need a plan to address this. Safety first! #PublicSafety #EagleSafety

5 - Campaign Funding: Campaign funding matters. Some say taking money from developers is just part of politics. But who should a mayor be more beholden to: everyday citizens or deep-pocketed developers? Remember, your choice matters. #CampaignFunding #EagleVotes

6 - Hollister Comparison: Comparing me to Hollister? Let's clarify. I supported a 1% sales tax increase, but how does that 'screw up' a city? I never drove the city of Hollister into a deficit. Remember the talk about bringing in commercial businesses? We need a plan, not vague promises. The truth matters, and I'm all about transparency. #EagleTruth #LeadershipMatters

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