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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

It's just the way he's wired.

Brad Pike as Eagle's next mayor has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with character and public service. He reminds me of James Stewart in "Mr. Smith goes to Washington."

When he was a fireman in his younger days, he started a grass roots campaign to fix a neighborhood road that was the cause of many car accidents. He organized local and state officials to take action and was successful. There was nothing in it for him. He just saw a need to improve the community he lived in. That's the way he is wired. The fact that his chosen career path was a first responder is further evidence of that. He also became the mayor of that same community.

When he moved to Eagle and joined a local church he noticed that the church had no emergency team to protect the congregation. He designed the team, populated the team with medical and police staff and put the team in action. The whole effort was voluntary and uncompensated. It's just the way he's wired.

At about the same time being new in Eagle, he ran for city council and has served honorably for four years. He wasn't in need of more income, He was comfortably retired as a fire captain. He just saw a need to serve. It's the way he is wired.

Apparently running for mayor of Eagle is leaving some free time in his schedule so he attended a meeting last night that is another grass roots effort for Christians to let their voices be heard when it comes to voting for new bills that are contrary to biblical principles. It's just the way this man is wired.- David Steinberger

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