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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

I refuse to be a part of a "process" filled with "half-truths and misdirection statements.

Steve Bender's accusation against my campaign is both baseless and ironic. To suggest that my campaign employs "campaign tactics used by professional establishment politicians designed to persuade low information voters with half-truths and misdirection statements" is nothing short of laughable. It's ironic because Steve Bender, of all people, should be well-versed in campaign tactics.

In his role as Vice Chairman of GOP Legislative District 14, Steve orchestrated what he called an "endorsement process." He extended an invitation to me on September 7 to participate in this process. However, I declined the invitation for a very valid reason – Steve Bender had already contributed money to Jason Pierce's campaign on September 5! You can verify this contribution on the Idaho Secretary of State Website: Sunshine: Idaho Campaign Finance.

Furthermore, Steve gave $1,000 to Councilwoman-elect Mary May's campaign on August 16 and Councilman-elect Craig Kvamme's campaign on June 6. Despite these clear conflicts of interest, Steve proceeded to run the "endorsement process" without recusing himself, despite already contributing the maximum allowed to three Eagle candidates.

So, who did GOP District 14 endorse through this questionable process? Jason Pierce for Mayor, and Mary May and Craig Kvamme for Council! It's worth noting that Brian Almon, who has written numerous disparaging remarks about me, serves as the Secretary of GOP Legislative District 14 and has shown no interest in investigating this abuse of process.

In summary, the political process in Eagle has not been fair, and I refuse to be a part of a "process" filled with "half-truths and misdirection statements." I'll leave that to Steve Bender and his questionable tactics.

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