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I do not like anonymous posts

Anonymous Post: I do not like anonymous posts but this subject is so divisive that I fear I will be targeted.

My Response: I understand your concern about anonymous posts. In fact, if there were anonymous posts in my favor attacking Jason Pierce, the opposition would surely have a field day. Me and my team are even blamed for the wind. However, I believe in transparency and accountability, which is why I stand behind my convictions openly.

Anonymous: Let me begin by stating that I could not be more behind our police and other first responders. But what I have been witnessing over the past 3-4 months has me extremely disturbed, sad and even questioning my belief in those who have been hired to protect us.

My Response: It's disheartening to see anyone question our police and first responders commitment to our community's safety. Our Police Chief and Sheriff Clifford have voiced their concerns, and I believe we should listen to their recommendations and support them wholeheartedly. That is what true support is. Listening to the professionals.

Anonymous: Our city is safe and yet we are told by a group of fear-mongering ex-LEOs that moved here from California, mostly in the last 3-4 years, that we must hire more officers or our city will fall.

My Response: I want to clarify that our aim is not fear-mongering. It's about ensuring we have the recommended number of officers per citizen for our growing city. This is not an overnight decision but a result of years of discussions due to our population growth. It's pretty simple. When Jason want's to annex a large development, we must have the correct amount of first responders to account for the new growth.

Anonymous: Typical union battle cry call, they have all rallied around one individual, Brad Pike.

My Response: I am not beholden to any group or union. My focus is on representing all Eagle residents and making decisions that benefit our community. I believe in independent thinking and putting our citizens first. I am listening to our citizens and our hired professionals when making my decisions.

Anonymous: When did our city evolve around a single subject, law enforcement, that is already one of the safest cities in America?

My Response: Being proactive to MAINTAIN our safety is a smart approach, not an overreaction. Our neighboring city follows the national recommendations for police staffing, and I believe we should do the same to ensure the continued safety of Eagle. My campaign is not focused on a single subject- law enforcement. I am also focused on changing the direction of Eagle by replacing current mayor. I am also focusing on CONSERVATISM IN ACTION, GROWTH MUST PAY FOR GROWTH and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. I will deliver on the concerns of our Eagle Citizens because that is what I have been doing and will continue to do. Leadership through Partnership.

Anonymous: Eagle citizens are good people. Why is there a suggestion that we will soon be invaded by gangs, thieves, and other criminal entities?

My Response: Having the recommended police staff is about preparedness, not suggesting that our citizens are anything less than good people. It's our responsibility to protect our growing city effectively.

Anonymous: Certainly, we must protect our city and I strongly support our law enforcement. I believe our mayor does too. But it’s time for everyone to start critical thinking instead of listening to the fear mongering left who are using every tactic to hand our city back to the Democrats.

My Response: This issue should not be politicized. It's about ensuring the safety of our community. I am a true conservative, and my focus is on the best interests of Eagle residents, not political agendas or paying back developers.

Anonymous: It is wise to have a discussion about our law enforcement requirements. It is a discussion that should be held in a professional manner, not a bunch of ex-LEOs from California shouting the rest of us down who have lived here for the past 20 years."

My Response: Respect for ALL professionals who served in law enforcement is essential. We should have an open, respectful discussion about our law enforcement requirements that considers all perspectives, regardless of where someone is from. ALL EAGLE RESIDENTS' VOICES MATTER. Too bad you don't feel that way.

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