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I am more than equipped to be your next Mayor

Setting the Record Straight: Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

I want to address some concerns that have been raised regarding my previous experience in California and my dedication to public safety.

Firstly, my time in Hollister, California, has significantly shaped my perspective as a public servant. While the roles of Mayor in Hollister and Mayor in Eagle differ, it's crucial to emphasize that my commitment to serving my community has remained unwavering throughout my over 35 years of dedicated public service. I firmly believe in open and honest government and have always taken my role as a public servant seriously.

It's important to note that during Mayor Pierce's original campaign, he highlighted his 17 years of government experience. However, upon closer examination, it's clear that the actual time spent in positions amounts to approximately 8.3 years, raising questions about transparency.

There have also been baseless claims that I want to turn Idaho into California simply because of my California background. This is not the case. I have lived and served in Eagle for over 11 years now, and my actions in the four years I've spent in council speak louder than any assumptions.

I've consistently voted in alignment with my conservative values, I listen to our citizens and vote on what is best for Eagle. No hidden agendas or motives here. I voted against the Avimor Annexation and a high-density development off Palmar Road, demonstrating my commitment to preserving Eagle's unique character.

Let's debunk the misconception that my focus is solely on public safety to win an election. I've consistently advocated for increased public safety resources for years, far before this election cycle. My dedication to ensuring Eagle's safety remains steadfast.

Eagle deserves a Mayor who prioritizes the community, upholds conservative values, and champions public safety. My extensive 35-year career in public service and unwavering commitment to Eagle underscore my readiness for the role of Mayor.

Let's stay focused on the issues that genuinely matter to our community. #BradPikeForMayor #EagleCommunity #ConservativeValues

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