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Former mayor Stan Ridgeway made false claim

Former mayor Stan Ridgeway made the following false claim in a campaign letter to the citizens of Eagle:

"Regarding growth, the current administration (Pierce, Pike), Approved over 15,300 building lots over the past four years in office. That is equal to 42,840 new residents. Eagles current population is less than 35,000."

I would like to correct this gross exaggeration he made for his political gain. Below are the facts of my (Brad Pike's) actions since 2020:

-ValNova was before this administration,(2007) but has a build out of: 7160+ houses in 30+ years -Avimor - 8761 houses - I voted NO. -Molinari - 339 came in 2018, not this administration -Cascade Springs - The 400 houses off Palmer Rd. I voted NO.

As you can see, there is nothing close to the 15,000 Ridgeway states. He is intentionally misrepresenting the facts.

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