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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Elevate Eagle's Future with Economic Development!

A thriving city like Eagle deserves a strategic Economic Development Department to unlock its full potential. It's crucial to recognize the value this department brings. Mayor Pierce has shown disdain for our past economic development department and called the department “fluff.”

Economic Growth Catalyst: An organized department can be the driving force behind attracting new businesses, creating jobs, and fostering innovation. By nurturing a diverse commercial landscape, we secure a sustainable future for Eagle.

Strong Commercial Tax Base: Eagle must emphasizes the importance of a robust commercial tax base. A dedicated economic development team can focus on attracting and retaining businesses, ensuring they contribute significantly to city revenues.

Funding Essential Services: With a growing city, the demand for services increases. Effective economic development can alleviate the burden on citizens by generating revenue from commercial ventures, thereby reducing the need for property tax hikes.

Community Collaboration: While differences exist, a well-structured department can align various stakeholders – from businesses to citizens – towards shared goals. Collaboration empowers Eagle to progress harmoniously.

Let's weigh the pros and cons to find a solution that best serves Eagle's residents and future aspirations. Together, we can ensure a prosperous tomorrow while respecting diverse viewpoints. #EagleEconomicAdvancement #votepike #eaglemayor

Brad Pike's Tax plan
Elevate Eagle's Future with Economic Development!

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