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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Economic Development

I am the only one who has been advocating for a downtown advisory committee and to put together a downtown association.

Economic Development Revival: It's essential that we do everything in our power to bring long-term businesses to Eagle. Our city deserves a vibrant economic landscape, and that starts with rebuilding our Economic Development department after a series of personnel departures under the present leadership.

Economic Potential, Not "Fluff": I firmly believe that Economic Development is not "fluff," as Mr. Pierce once referred to it. It's the cornerstone of our city's prosperity. We need a strategic and dedicated approach to ensure Eagle thrives in the competitive commercial landscape.

Cultivating a Thriving Downtown: Eagle is at risk of losing valuable commercial space to surrounding communities. Under my platform, I'm determined to cultivate a thriving downtown environment that will not only support local businesses but also boost our city's economic vitality.

Together We Can Succeed: Let's work together to create an environment where businesses can flourish and our city can thrive. Eagle's future is bright, and by fostering a strong business community, we're ensuring success for both our businesses and our beloved city.

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