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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

🦅 Eagle Citizens, the Choice is Clear 🦅

I want to address those of you who are still undecided. This election is about Eagle's future, and your choice truly matters.

Annexation of Avimor: I stood with you, Eagle residents, and voted NO on the annexation of Avimor into Eagle city limits. Over 90% of those who attended the council meeting, including Avimor residents, opposed it. Yet, Mr. Pierce pushed it through. Shouldn't the mayor serve the community, not push them aside?

Our Police Force: A thriving community needs adequate public safety. Eagle has the lowest police-to-population ratio in the entire state of Idaho, at only .74 officers per 1,000 residents. Avimor has compounded this problem. I, along with Sheriff Matt Clifford, Commissioner Rod Beck, Police Chief Wilke, and police associations like Code 3 to 1 and the FOP, advocate for a safer Eagle. Mr. Pierce asked for more officers but neglected to secure the necessary funding. Do his actions demonstrate a commitment to our safety?

Campaign Funding: Campaign donations matter. My list of supporters is comprised of Eagle residents, people who share our community's values. Mr. Pierce's list is heavily laden with developers. It's essential to consider where campaign funding comes from, as it can reflect a candidate's priorities. His first billboard that came out was from out of state funding. Why?

Opposition is trying to heavily distract you with lies and attacks against me, my team and my supporters. Do not let them distract you. Research the facts. It is up to you to decide who to believe. Your support means everything. Let's make the right choice for Eagle's future by voting for me Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor.

Thank you for your support, and God bless you.

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