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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Councilman Charlie Baun strongly supports Mayor Jason Pierce. Baun reflects Pierce's goals and assoc

1. Baun has a history of close ties to Avimor developers, putting their interests above Eagle citizens'. 2. Admits, as a consultant, to giving Avimor developers ideas since 2004. 3. Promoted California/Arizona development concepts to Avimor developers for Eagle. 4. Neglected Public Safety until forced to address at the last minute of an election. 5. Justified Avimor annexation (attributed to 2007/17 citizen desires), but ignores 2022/23 citizen desires. 6. Promotes accepting developer money which creates conflicts of interest, unlike Brad Pike. 7. His touting of Pierce's 'relationship-building' skills ignores damaged relationships with: Sheriff, Chief of Police, Arts and Historical Commissions, Senior Center, Economic Development, Home Depot, Citizens against Avimor.

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