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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

Change is Coming – Vote for Brad Pike for Mayor

Are you frustrated with the current leadership in our town? Do you feel that your Mayor and Council aren't effectively addressing the needs of our community? I listen to you. I have been and will continue to represent you. It's time for a change, and your voice matters!

I'm Brad Pike, and I'm running for Mayor because I believe in a brighter future for our town. We can't sit idly by while our community faces challenges. It's time to take action, and here's how you can get involved:

Vote for Brad Pike: Cast your vote for me, a leader who is committed to addressing your concerns and making our town a better place to live. Leadership through Partnership. Guaranteed.

Participate in Grassroots Efforts: Join us in our grassroots campaign to bring about positive change. Your support and involvement can make a significant impact.

Support Alternative Candidates: It's essential to choose leaders who truly represent our community's needs and values. I'm dedicated to listening to your concerns and working for you.

Engage in Discussions: Connect with fellow residents, share your ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of our town. Together, we can shape the community we want.

Your voice and participation can make a real difference in shaping our community's future. Let's work together to create a town that we can all be proud of. Together, we can bring about the change our town deserves.

Vote for Brad Pike for Mayor and be part of the change!

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