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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

A Tax Plan for Eagle's Future with Brad Pike for Mayor!

My approach to taxes is all about responsible fiscal management and strategic growth. My comprehensive plan focuses on:

Reallocations from our current budget: By streamlining our existing budget, we can redirect resources to areas that truly matter, without burdening our citizens.

Attracting new business to Eagle: I envision revitalizing our economic development efforts to attract new businesses, expand our tax base, and generate increased revenue for the city.

Mitigation Fees on Developers: Holding developers accountable with fair mitigation fees ensures that new growth contributes to the infrastructure needs of our community.

No Higher Taxes for Citizens: My commitment to our residents is steadfast and my plan doesn't involve raising taxes for our citizens.

We remember the impact of losing our economic development department. We need to reinstate this essential department to work towards attracting new businesses, bolstering our tax revenue, and funding vital services like our police force.

I have over 35 years of experience in public safety and government. My seasoned approach offers a balanced and proactive vision for Eagle. Let's rally together for a thriving Eagle under leadership with partnership! Share your support and join us in making a difference. #BradPikeForEagleMayor #StrongerEagle #FiscalResponsibility

Tax Plan For Eagle
Brad Pikes Tax Plan

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