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  • Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor

A Message on My Commitment to Eagle:

I currently serve as your City Council President and Fire Commissioner. During this time, I've diligently worked for the betterment of Eagle, carefully listening to your comments and concerns, and reflecting them in the way I cast my votes. This commitment to our city's well-being is not something new or election-driven. It's rooted in my genuine desire to make Eagle a great place to live for all of us.

I encourage every citizen to research and evaluate the difference between me and the current mayor. You can do so by visiting our city's Agenda, Videos, and Archives. There, you'll find a clear record of my efforts and dedication to our community.

Your involvement and informed voting are essential for the future of our city. I'm here to continue working hard for Eagle, and I thank you for your support. Please vote for Brad Pike for Eagle Mayor on November 7th!

Candidate for Eagle Mayor #EagleID #CommunityFirst #BradPikeForMayor

Brad Pike past agendas and videos facts
Review city's Agenda, Videos, and Archives for who your next Mayor will be

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